The basis of a good relationship is trust. We therefore believe in being completely open about the information that we ask you for. And, of course, we always take great care of the data entrusted to us. As well as abiding strictly by all the privacy laws applicable in the Netherlands, we have set up our systems to give the best possible protection to your personal details.

Privacy policy

We have drawn up a special privacy policy covering data in the Whois – the system that is used to look up domain names. The policy safeguards your privacy in every possible way. For example, no address information is made available and the use of e-mail addresses for any purpose unrelated to the domain name is prohibited.

Use of cookies

As well as doing all we can to make our website secure, we gather and analyse data on how visitors use the site. Understanding how you use our site enables us to keep on improving it and adapting it to suit your needs. The information – which is collected using cookies – cannot be used to identify you personally.